Our services, customized to fit your needs

Working with organizations and agencies to articulate where they want to go and how they’re going to get there.


Working with clients to ensure that when busy people get together for meetings and retreats their time is well spent and they reach their goals.


Working with Boards of Directors to identify key goals, clarify roles and responsibilities, and enhance working relationships with fellow Trustees and organizational staff.


We talk strategy for fundraising, production, volunteer management, donation solicitation, and donor appreciation to ensure your event is a success and stays true to your spirit.


Working with leaders of arts and culture organizations to help them implement their plans, manage key relationships, think-through big decisions and take action.


Working with clients to identify and answer the questions critical to making strategic, programmatic and operational decisions and informing stakeholders and constituents about the vital issues they need to understand.


Working with clients to identify top grant opportunities and help Board members develop the skills needed to effectively solicit support from individual donors.